Deliberation is the function of many; action is the function of one.

Charles de Gaulle

Road trip mantras (1)

  • Subarus are like fine wine — better with age.
  • People have made it across the country in cars with shittier brakes than this, and we’re not even going all the way across the country, just 1,963 miles.
  • The paracord we used to tie various parts of the car together has a rating of 500lbs. and I’m pretty sure no individual part of the car body weighs that much. It will be fine.
  • Thanks to my lifelike Oregon Trail 2000 experience, we can just take the wheels off the station wagon, caulk it, and float it across the river if necessary.
  • The most important houseplants fit into the car and really, what else do you need to successfully start a new life?